Natural sweeteners are made from concentrated components of edible plants. When you order, request that it be made without the syrup. Due to this fact, many people mix it with erythritol (or purchase it premixed) at a 1:1 ratio (meaning per teaspoon of monk fruit, add a teaspoon of erythritol). It is 100% natural and has a glycemic index of zero, and its net carbs per 100 grams of monk fruit is between zero and 25 grams. Even small doses can be lethal to dogs and cats. Still Not Sure Which Keto Sweetener To Use. Some individuals however, such as diabetics, people with poorly functioning kidneys, or children with epilepsy, must closely monitor their sugar and overall carbohydrate intake, making the need for sugar-free options and alternatives critical. Stevia is one of the best-known natural sweeteners. Read more in this Medical News today article about sugar and inflammation. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol which is found in various fruits and vegetables, such as corn. Take a look at how stevia, monk fruit, erythritol, and others compare in this keto-friendly sweeteners guide! It bakes and tastes very much like sugar, with half the calories, but it still has a large glycemic index. It is very new in terms of being used as a keto sugar substitute but has been used for decades as a medicinal fruit in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You must be careful though, for it can cause GI discomfort, such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea, and is incredibly toxic to dogs and cats, even in small doses. It is made from monk fruit which was used for centuries in eastern traditional herbalism to increase chi and well-being, earning it the nickname “The Immortals’ Fruit”. Stevia. I have a weakness for cookies. Single. It is utilized (metabolized) by the human body in small quantities, with most of it being excreted. Sugar alcohols have a similar structure to sugar, and they contain calories and net carbs (unlike most natural and artificial sweeteners). Jump to: The Best Sweeteners To Use On The Keto Diet There are so many sugar… It is not as sweet as sugar, so in order to get the taste of sugar, you would need to use 30% more allulose, which is a safer and healthier option still, for it is incredibly low in calories and does not affect blood sugar. Erythritol brands to buy:  (Look for 100% erythritol. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Photo by serezniy Recommended For You. You may think that an iced latte is just that - a latte blended with ice. In comparison - natural sweeteners and sugar alcohols have been found to have positive health effects. Wondering how to choose the best keto sweetener? It has no effect on blood sugar, having a glycemic index of zero. It makes sense, then, to just avoid the artificial sweeteners and replace them with stevia extract, monk fruit extract, and erythritol. Their Classic Monkfruit 1:1 Sugar Substitute is a monk fruit/erythritol blend, and is perfect for baking! It’s a compound that’s known as sugar alcohol. This means that you could be consuming what you think are ‘low-carb’ foods but end up consuming more sugars than you realize. Chocolate chip cookies, to be specific. With so many options out there, what are the best keto sweeteners and low carb sugar substitutes? Your taste buds can’t tell the difference between the sweetener and regular sugar, so you get the same effect, but without the carbs. In small doses it is fine, however if you eat an entire pack of gum ( Yes, I am guilty of this) in a day, it will raise your insulin. And second, we can no longer avoid all the news about just how bad sugar is for inflammation. Shelby Cook, BS, DI, is a dietetic intern at Texas A&M University - Kingsville with over 6 years experience working in health community and assisting in low-income minority communities. Your email address will not be published. Or, you can make your own healthy iced coffee drinks at home. Yet, it doesn’t contain any calories. Lakanto says: “Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener is the only zero-calorie, zero-glycemic sweetener that is just like sugar. I find it is best to use in liquid form when you need a couple quick drops to make something sweeter without adding bulk. Stevia is a natural sweetener made from the leaves of the Stevia plant native to South America. Sweeteners can be classified into three main groups: Almost all sweeteners and keto sugar substitutes you will come across will fall into one of these three categories. The liquid form of sucralose is typically a pure form, whereas the powdered sucralose has additives, giving it a high glycemic index and many carbs. Also, as people are becoming more aware of the dangers of a high sugar intake, it is becoming more and more common for people to take control of their health and life and switch to sugar-free or low-carbohydrate sweeteners. Luckily it didn’t take me long to find out that there were different substitutes for wheat flour that were keto-friendly but I also found out that there were keto sugar substitutes, too. Below are the 6 best low carb sweeteners for keto with their calories per gram and glycemic index listed. Here’s a list of low-carb and sugar-free sweeteners you can have: Monk fruit has definitely grown in popularity over the past few years and is a great sweeter option for individuals on a ketogenic diet. Instead, you should go for products that are just pure sweetener. The keto diet is such a great way to get rid of those unwanted pounds and reduce inflammation but of course to achieve any kind of success you’ll have to adjust your eating plan and stop sugar. The concept of ‘sugar alcohols’ can be a bit confusing. It has 150 calories however, so make sure to not use too much if you want to keep your calories somewhat low. Bottom line, we can no longer eat desserts that are loaded with carbs and sugar. Per 1 cup of erythritol, add only 2 teaspoons of stevia. Top 6 Low Carb Rice Alternatives for Keto Diet You Can Try. I use it in my Fudgy Keto Brownies and my Keto Chocolate Mug Bread. It is 30% less sweet than sugar, but due to its inability to affect the GI tract by much, using more should not cause any trouble!