The World Health Organization recognizes World Mental Health Day (WMHD) on this day every year as an opportunity to raise “awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.” The following six poems are dedicated to all those suffering due to mental illness, directly or indirectly. ... Little, Brown and Company / Button Poetry. Mental illness is a huge topic, and 5 minutes is not a lot of time. Cook himself is a National Poetry Slam champion and DeMulder too was a two time National Poetry Slam champion. ... happiness and good mental health. Button Poetry, founded in 2011, is a part of the poetry slam family based in Minnesota. Stevie Wonder’s “Heaven Help Us All” is on auto repeat. Sam Cook and Sierra DeMulder are the founders of this group. In 2018, thanks to Instagram and feminism, the power of poetry’s soothing sounds are in the spotlight once more. We live in a world where many illnesses that society once considered shameful are now openly discussed and accepted. Unfortunately, mental illness seems to still carry a certain stigma, a stigma that prevents many sufferers from seeking out help. The Interview. In honor of World Mental Health Day, we're highlighting important stories about mental health from voices that need to be heard. In August 2017, she debuts her first book Depression & Other Magic Tricks, which is widely available at bookstores in Canada, and via the publisher Button Poetry. ... begging for a 2020 reset button. Slam Poetry Blog Poem Topics About Submissions "The Key" An incredibly touching spoken word poem about depression, By Allie. Sabrina provides a very candid account of how the spoken word played a valuable role in her life, especially tackling mental health and other struggles she has faced. Sabrina Benaim is a slam-poet from Toronto, Canada, whose raw words and passionate vulnerability have captured the attention of millions.. Poems about Mental Illness by Teenagers. Her depiction of depression and explaining such to her mom is groundbreaking; a catalyst in demolishing the stigma and having honest conversations about mental health. The first of these is wellbeing and particularly mental health, which has been central to the project of Genevieve Carver, our poet-in-residence. This was Allie's first venture into to the world of spoken word. The Election Looms: Is Mental Health a Thing?