Measure resistance of motor windings, replace motor if not in spec. Therefore, the water level sensor starts the draining process. Measure voltage from the lines filter to main PCB. F02 Heating timeout If you see the error code, but the spin does not work, the cause may be in the motor drive belt. Measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. F17 Inlet valve. Inspect wiring and check that the plugs are firmly plugged in. Unbeatable deals, free delivery and price match on the best range of cookers, ovens, washing machines, fridge freezers and more. Scroll the pulley, evenly distributing the belt. Bosch washing machine E6 error is an indication that the washing machine is not able to drain the water in a set amount of time. This is one of the most common Bosch washing machine error codes. Note: If the pump filter makes only a quarter of a turn and gets stuck, watch this video on our YouTube channel how to open a stuck Bosch washing machine drain pump filter. Check water inlet hose for kinks or blockages in hose mesh filters. It is possible to add laundry. Bosch washing machine E4 error indicates heating is taking place at a stage of the program where it should not. Washing machine not able to drain the water. Bosch washing machine E1 error indicates that the temperature of the water was not reached with in a set time. Machine detected a functionality fault that can not be diagnosed, machine will stop. Motor control module has detected an open circuit. Measure the resistance of temperature sensor. Fill machine with water, pause the cycle. The washing machine can be overloaded with laundry. Check the electrical plug on door lock and main PCB to make sure it is not loose and check the wiring for breakages. So, the motor can not perform washing … You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Take a look: perhaps, the belt jumped off the pulley or it is too worn. Bosch washing machine E61 error is a door lock fault. The clogging might occur in the sewage system or in the spot where the hose connects with it. Check wiring for breaks and plugs for loose connections. Our website uses cookies in order to collect anonymous statistical data to help us improve the performance of the website. If it is clogged with debris, clean and rinse it under running water. If the heater and temperature sensor have checked out ok, inspect the wiring harness for broken wires. If not blockages found and water is not emptying, replace drain pump. Make sure that the door seal is not pushing out the door too hard. Inspect the drain hose for overlap or incorrect positioning. Bosch washing machine E8 error indicates that the water level in the drum higher than it should be. Check water strainers not blocked with sand. After disconnecting the Bosch washing machine from power supply, remove the back cover. Wait until the temperature drops. Machine is not receiving a signal from the 3D/3G sensor. Measure the resistance of the heating element first, it should be between 38-46 ohm. Disconnect the pump wires – it is located at the bottom of the machine. The cycle will continue without heating. Check power supplied to main PCB is around 230V (+-15v). Start the check with simple and understandable details. You will hear a specific click, which might repeat three times. Precharge relay of motor module is broken or short circuit. Turn the tap on. Inspect wiring harness and make sure plugs are not loose. Check for stuck items under the drum, remove drum belt to confirm free rotation of drum. Turn the pump counterclockwise and pull it out. Inspect wiring harness and look for loose connections. This is one of the harder Bosch washing machine error codes to diagnose because the modules them selves can not be tested. Your registration with MyBosch comes with a whole range of offers committed to make your Bosch experience even better, such as exclusive offers and infotainment. Check for loose connections or broken wires. Copyright 2017 - 2020 | |, Washer and dishwasher error codes and troubleshooting. Bosch washing machine error E23 can be cause by many things. Bosch washing machine E16 error indicates that the main PCB has detected that the door is not closed, another common Bosch washing machine error codes. As a result, once the water begins to flow away, it immediately returns to the machine. Check that the tap is turned on, inlet hose is not kinked and the water strainers are not blocked with sand. This can be as simple as a closed tap or a squished hose. Replace motor control module and main PCB. Check the condition of the belt. If the door is shut and E3 error still keeps appearing that means the machine is not able to lock the door to start a cycle. There might be a foreign object that stuck during washing. Check drain hoses for blockages. Contact your fitter if the water pressure is too low. Measure the resistance of the temperature sensor to make sure the resistance is with in range. Washing machines errors. Motor control module has a short circuit. Bosch Avantixx: How to see last fault code on Bosch Avantixx washing machine. The last thing that might cause the error is the malfunction of the control unit. NO - Due to the high temperature in the drum, the washing machine door cannot be opened. Hi there and welcome to JA,The error code E3 means that the door isn't registering as closed, even if physically it is. If main PCB is supplied proper voltage, replace main PCB. Pressure sensor has detected water level above what it should be. Check the drain filter. F21 Motor. Fisher and Paykel Washing Machine Error Codes Front Loader. If the sensor works fine, the contacts will start to work after the blowing. And also check how much detergent you have used, too much detergent can also cause problems. When the belt is stretched, the spin becomes inefficient. The element is located at the bottom of the back of the machine. Flow meter is not detecting any water entering the drum. Measure voltage supplied from line filter to main PCB, replace if not in range. F01 Water intake timeout. Supplied frequency to power module out of range, below 35 hertz or above 75 hertz. If water level in the drum is high, replace water inlet valves. Hoover Service operations are continuing to operate, but we are trying to strike a balance between following the Government’s advice to reduce the risk and spread of Coronavirus and remaining operational. Drain the water from the Bosch machine through the drain filter.