I have an englander pellet stove 25-pdv/55 shp 22 For the 2nd nite in a row had to turn the stove off it's getting way too hot! Thread starter amynrichie; Start date Nov 10, 2011; Forums. B. bradlee_O New Member. Hi there, I’m new to pellet stoves but in less than two weeks I’m getting a brand new trade it seems. To test it on a Englander Pellet Stove, unplug your stove, take the wires off the switch and connect them together, plug your stove back in and see if it works. Hello, I noticed some Englander engineers sometimes monitor this forum so I have a question. We've got the fix for you! ... Englander 10-CDV Corn/Pellet stove. Troubles are the englander builds up fly ash 5-6 times faster than the breckwell. England's Stove Works, Inc. P.O. Englander Troubleshooting. Changing the igniter on Englander pellet stoves. also just started burning different pellets but shouldn't it be ok with the real low setting? Purchased a 25-ep for my upstairs and have a breckwell downstairs and both are running ligentics pellets. Englander pellet stove won't ignite? The Pellet Mill - Pellet and Multifuel Stoves Status Not open for further replies. If it still doesn’t work you may have a bad vacuum switch (like I have right now on my Austroflamm). Troubleshooting Englander igniter problems: Models 25-PDV and 25-PDVC. Love this site and have been surfing threads here and now have some questions. I went to start-up my 25-PDV (with autostart) stove today and after a few minutes pellets stopped feeding to the lower auger. Main Hearth Forums. I cleaned out the hopper of … Start your stove and see if it works. Nov 18, 2014 1 … So I bought a used Englander 25 PDV First problem was the top auger motor went so being in a rural area I had limited access. the room blower is even cutting off I think its overheating. Box 206 Monroe, VA 24574 United States--Tech Support: (800) 245-6489 service@englanderstoves.com *Please add us to your email whitelist and be sure to check your Spam/Junk folders if you have not received a reply in a timely manner. If your igniter isn't working but lighting the pellet on fire. Englander igniter adjustment, fixes, and how to install. It seems I … Fax Number: (434) 929-4810 Parts Purchases: (800) 516-3636, Prompt 2