"Still a bit disrupting, but why is it cursed though?" Kirby, Pikachu, Ness and Pit looked liked they're about lose their lunch. But however, his entire body being a composite of bone and exposed flesh. Pikachu said, now freaked out. "Well, at least he's freed." "Whoa, he destroyed that ball and chain weapon like it was nothing." The Slade stabbing Wally West thing is mostly just a bunch of PIS. Ike said in response. Sounds like an interesting weapon." "Those poor soul..." Palutena said, shaking her head out of pity. He's quite the charm." ), (*Cues: Soul Calibur V - Legends Unveiled*). "How is it incomplete?" Pikachu said, stunned. Unlike the raindrop speed feat which is very debatable, he has numerous occasions on which he handles massed machine gun fire. "Now he transformed into Night Terror!" It was very hard to believe how those two were just able to do the impossible like it's an everyday occurrence. But I guess this weapon is a perfect weapon for him. "Hm. One right for your size? Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Corrin answered. Wiz: Standing six and a half feet long and weighing over 400 pounds, the Dragonslayer is enormous. Link answered. At its apex, Inferno ceases to be and all of the demonic energy has left Soul Edge. "I don't think I could even face a man like him." As Myth said, I'm pretty sure Deathstroke, initially, has Guts outclassed. Most of the fighters exclaimed in shock. train young soldiers in new fighting techniques in anticipation of brewing troubles taking place in Vietnam. "Huh. [Samurai Jack] (https://www.reddit.com/r/respectthreads/comments/2efkrg/respect_samurai_jack/? He has also taken on much more powerful Apostles such as Nosferatu Zodd and Grunbeld and survived or even won against them. Pit said, slightly. Wiz: Inferno's first victim came in the late 16th century when a pirate named Cervantes de León raided an English galleon and discovered the intriguing blade aboard, claiming it as his own. Young Link said. At last the time has come! Pikachu said, looking like he's about to turn green. They see the pirate captain Cervantes wielding Soul Edge. "Hmph. (*Cues: Berserk - More Death and Silence 2*). "Though I like to know how it got to be this big to begin with? (*Cues: Soul Calibur IV - Destiny Will Tell*). The guns aren't even a factor, since Jack is incredibly, unbelievably fast, and Guts has his Berserker Armor. Everyone cheered for that awesome battle. Guts headbutts Nightmare mid-taunt, knocking him backward. "Gee, I always the Darknuts carry bigger swords than that." ), Has killed well over 1,000 enemies (This shocks Pit, Palutena, Samus, Captain Falcon, Mega Man, Sonic and Bowser Jr.), Survived countless wounds (This impressed Cloud), Killed the "Sea God" from within (This surprises Pit and Palutena), Once killed a demon disguised as a woman while banging her... no joke (That got Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi, Ness, Pac-man, Villager, Sonic, the Ice Climbers, Jigglypuff, Lucas, Pichu and Bowser Jr. shock and got back to puking.). "Even I had a dreadful life..." Cloud replied slowly. "Figures he might do traitorous act." ', and secondly, 'Ouch!'" Link said, sensed that this battle is not over. Johnny: Iron Man, the armored avenger… Wiz: Guts is an absolute monster in combat. Of course, there's always a side effect while wearing the armor." Sonic commented. With that, they resume back to Death Battle as Snake unpaused the video. Link said. Wiz: Nightmare has come close to conquering the world on numerous occasions, yet a warrior wielding Soul Calibur always seems to show up and hold him at bay. There were others like her, Cervantes and Nightmare." After stopping a blow from Guts' sword, he charges and fires a large beam that knocks Guts far through the forest, eventually crashing into a tree. Marth asked. After serving a year long duty in Korea, he was later promoted to Major and was moved to, Camp Washington. Wolverine's healing factor and Deathstoke's actual guns make this a serious uphill fight. "Uh-huh..." Ness said, not sure how to respond to this. Everyone begins to vote on who would win: Guess Guts is choose to win. Palutena said, knowing it may or may not work. Roy replied. You'll get your chance soon." Roy said in shock. They all thought. "I guess using the armor is like a conduit for unleashing his inner power." Akame VS Deathstroke - Rooting Deathstroke, betting N/A Blake VS Hyde - Rooting/Betting Hyde Darth Vader VS Hiei - Rooting/Betting Vader Guts VS Dimitri - Rooting Guts, betting N/A Raven VS Sasuke - Rooting/Betting Sasuke Izanami VS Giratina - Rooting Izanami, betting Giratina Issei VS Katsuragi - Rooting N/A, betting Issei I don't know enough about Nth armor to be able to say whether it would be a game changing factor, but from what I've read, it doesn't have any outstanding defensive properties. "But why do I get the feeling that this armor looks like it's gonna be bad news for us?" After stopping a blow from Guts' sword, he charges and fires a large beam that knocks Guts far through the forest, eventually crashing into a tree. Sure, Guts may have the bigger sword, but Deathstroke ultimately outmuscles him in every category, including physicality, general weaponry, and ESPECIALLY in ranged combat. Pit said with excitement. "You know this knight?" "So much for your pretty boy." Don't do it for free. And so they did. Palutena replied. I see, so if he becomes Nightmare, the sword that was created from his soul appeared in the battle field." But Nightwing on his own has stand stilled with him having the upper hand more than Deathstroke has beating him (when he's an adult, mind you). This fiery demon is capable of finding a host that could wield Soul Edge's true power." Snake said, surprised. I shall drown the world in both! Palutena said, slightly. Boomstick: While Nightmare wields more power than Guts, this is what Guts does EVERY SINGLE DAY. "Heh. Wiz: Unknown to most, Soul Calibur is actually the final shard of Soul Edge, reforged into a second sword made specifically to combat its demonic counterpart. Stupid guilt...) With no one left to turn to, Guts was mentored by the mercenary leader Gambino, who began training him in swordsmanship when he was just six years old. "Make that a little bit 'too' self-defense." Pit said. Corrin asked. Zelda said in response. -While under her rule as Empress, wiped out the Rat Plague wracking Dunwall.