Errors at 2nd base are just so demoralizing to a defense. magnetic line up board That pitch keeps your catcher in a down position which will cost her time to come up and throw. I want my 1st baseman to make as many of these plays as possible but she will have to learn through practice and repetition which balls she can reach and which ones are moving too quickly to reach. A very common mistake is to let them drift back to the edge of the dirt. This might be summer camps for Kindergarten-5th Grade. Win more games! Just because I’ve watched a lot of volleyball, I know that I would be a terrible volleyball coach. Who needs a ball thrown in the dirt when you're trying to throw out the runner??? 12u team with proven A ball coach looking for a B+/A pitcher. She needs to play 12-14 feet in front of the bag, hands in the UP position chest high, ready to charge any short hit, and play about 2-3 feet off the foul line. Improve their skills. She needs to be prepared to cut off slow rollers to shortstop and any hoppers to shortstop. The only ball that gets past her is a bullet hit to shortstop. Personally I have had instances where we have had 5 girls show up the first year for certain programs. The below thoughts were contributed by a coach who started coaching at the 6u level. I highly reccomend it as a reference tool for all coaches. On the other hand, infield hits are unacceptable. Coaching high school softball is no different. 8U Defensive Strategy, google_ad_client="pub-3119424653330731";google_ad_slot="4300001691";google_ad_width=468;google_ad_height=60; Coaching fastpitch softball successfully begins with building a sound defensive team. If 1st goes for the ball then 2nd has to cover the base, and if 1st lets the ball go then 2nd has to charge it and play the ball. Center & Left Field - 12U Defensive Strategy. If you are coaching at a higher level you will want to review the drills to pick up something new or remind you of some tried and true drills. By this age, base stealing is pretty wide open including stealing home and the dropped third strike rule. Encourage your pitchers to take private pitching lessons. Mike and Frank, two of my subscribers, sent these suggestions for [tag]softball practice for 12u[/tag] last week. You need to KNOW that a ball hit to your 1st baseman is an out. I believe we went 13-2 before we ran out of gas.) Don't put a turtle at 1st base, or it will turn out to be a snapping turtle and bite you every game. This is a pretty difficult pitch to hit and most batters will lay off of it on the first pitch in their at bat. Implementing these fastpitch defensive strategies will make a HUGE difference in your team and your WINNING percentage. You can't win by giving up free bases via the dreaded walk. Better girls helped younger girls. A very common mistake is to let them drift back to the edge of the dirt. If I took over a high school volleyball program, it would be a disaster. This will sound very simplistic, but the most important part of playing catcher is catching the ball and preventing passed balls. Show them the skill while explaining why you are doing it that way. If you are a new coach of a youth fastpitch softball team, you MUST read the articles about is all about helping you achieve that goal with its primary focus on YOU, The Coach. The right fielder also needs to be johnny-on-the-spot for backing up throws to 1st base. In this edition of In The Circle, Eric Lopez talks with North Carolina Head... © Copyright Advanced Sports Media 2018, All Rights Reserved | 5855 Green Valley Circle, Suite 303, Culver City, CA 90230. Softball Outfield Practice Drill - Around The World (What a Tournament that was!!! Game Face? I have coached [tag]softball[/tag] at many levels in my career, but currently I am coaching jr. high girls and 12 year old boys in the local Little League. As an 11U team we took 1st place in our 13U league and as a 12U team we took 1st place in our 14U league. The 2nd baseman has to read the ball and react to what the 1st baseman does. Jump from 12U Defensive Strategy to 10U Defensive Strategy, Return from 12U Defensive Strategy to Softball Defense Home. The 2nd baseman has to read the ball and react to what the 1st baseman does. That outfield can get pretty big sometimes and knowing you are hiding the three-toed sloth in left field, the center fielder is going to need to be pretty quick to shag down balls. 1st Base - 12U Defensive Strategy In the younger age groups we had to put one of our top athletes at 1st base. To add a bit of confusion to this position, let me add that balls hit to 2nd base MUST be outs. As an 11U team we came in 4th in state in the 12U division. A quick sidebar regarding 1st and 2nd base: During your fielding practice sessions you need to spend a considerable amount of time working on the coordination of your pitcher, 1st baseman and 2nd baseman. Hey, a hit is a hit and it's okay if the other team occasionally gets a good hit. A softball team's success on the field often comes down to how well they practice. Be creative and think “outside the box.”  Youth camps and programs are a great way to make a little extra income doing something you love while also building interest in your program. A few weeks is not a lot of time for players to get used to the bigger ball and the five-foot pitching distance change. And thousands more for 8U, 14U, 16U and 18U. A related question: since this is 12u, do the same girls sometimes play infield AND outfield? If you cannot teach the game well, your players and their parents will not take you seriously. This is a position you should be able to back off on your athleticism quite a bit and is one area where the 12U defensive strategy differs from the 10U strategy. 11u Head Coach : Caitlin Martin. Work on that nasty little dinker hit that just sneaks by the pitcher. by 08pitcherdad » Mon Sep 28, 2020 7:47 … 12U Fast Pitch Softball Rules NO sunflower seeds, chewing gum, tobacco or alcohol products. She will certainly have to cover 2nd on stolen base attempts and she may have to cover 3rd on steals as well. If they drop one, it is deducted from their totals. Each of us are in different situations, and as a result, what works for me in my program might not work perfectly for you. Be sure to work this play into your practice on a VERY regular basis so that your 12U defensive strategy can succeed. Even if it is only for a couple of hours for one afternoon your presence will be noticed and appreciated. As for positioning, you will have to judge the level of your competition, but I would start at about 60 feet directly behind the 2nd baseman. You usually have to make a team with mayber 4 or 5 good players, so yes, most kids played either infield or outfield until coach thinks its safe for them. [/QUOTE], demonstrating every skill before you ask them to do the skill helps tremendously. I was constantly repeating team rules, and upset parents. As an 11U team we came in 4th in state in the 12U division. Singles are only mildly painful, triples and homeruns are killers.