Also ruined some items on the same shelf and below. So, here are some ways to use Great Balls of Labneh for effect in your summer menus. Traditionally, labneh is served as part of a mezza (or meze) spread, made up of dishes like hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, and lots of pita. What could I possible doing wrong? Clee — Yes, you can add to the total as you go. I am throughly disappointed with myself as I know better. Oh, and don’t waste the delicious oil the labneh is preserved in: drizzle it over the salad for an easy and tasty dressing. Join 11,579 families served since 2010! It is almost like the olive oil didn’t get used at all previously because it is almost entirely still available, with the exception of the small amount drizzled on the balls. I am going to try these now. Wardeh, should I assume you had already strained out your kefir grains and then put the kefir back into the jar? Not only can you use it in pasta sauces but this great cheese works for any kinds of sauces you want to add a little tang to. The video is an excerpt from my Cultured Dairy and Cheese eCourse — be sure to check it out for even more information. . We love working with other Christian families who love good food and want to eat according to God’s design…. Learn more here…, Copyright © 2020 Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS • About • Help • Privacy • Partners. That way you won’t have any little floaters near the top in the presence of oxygen spoiling. Just finished up a jar of kefir cheese balls with garlic and rosemary in the jar. I remember reading somewhere that garlic in oil should be refrigerated, as it can react to the oil at room temperature. My family still follows it to this day! She's the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fermenting Foods and other traditional cooking eBooks, and she teaches online classes in the fundamentals of traditional cooking, sourdough, cultured dairy, cheesemaking, fermentation, kids cooking, dehydrating, allergy-free cooking, cooking outside, pressure cooking, and more. It keeps for sometime in the refrigerator. 5. It should keep for about 2 weeks. No, I haven’t made them before, but have made the yogurt cheese. The fact that you can store it in olive oil makes it more lasting than the labneh spread. I salted and formed into balls. This post was featured in 15 Easy Raw Cheese Recipes and 60 Easy & Nourishing Picnic Recipes. Also how do you store your fresh whey and how long can you store it for? You could. Only watching the video and not reading the blog post and recipe. Required fields are marked *. Copyright 2016-2020 Cook For Syria All rights reserved. I know I like the cheese curds in the cheese shop that are in the herb and garlic oil. #CookForSyria is a fundraising campaign managed by Unicef Next Generation London, a fundraising committee working on behalf of Unicef UK. Thanks so much for sharing your grandmother’s tricks with us again. It is worth a try. Thanks. Once all the whey has been strained away, you should be left with a think and creamy mixture. First, turn your kefir into kefir cheese. Plunge balls into olive oil one at a time. How to make kefir ice cream, kefir smoothies, kefir cheese, and now… how to make kefir cheese balls! Shape kefir cheese into individual balls -- about a tablespoon each. Reprinted with permission of Bedouin Cafe and Deli. M.E. My grandmother and namesake, Tata Wardee, always had jars full of yogurt cheese balls that we would add to our plates at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I didn’t think I had anywhere to hang my yogurt to strain and then tied the top of the cheesecloth in to a loop and I hung it from one of my kitchen cabinet knobs. Line a colander with 2 layers of 90-count cheesecloth, then nest colander inside a big pot or bowl. Go on, give it a whirl. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mix it with some roasted red pepper, or some spinach and you are sure to have a party favourite. Olive oil really shined up my wooden cupboard. Not only because we believe it’s the healthiest way, but because we want to give Him glory for creating good food as the best medicine! I hope tp try it this week. Could I use this method with store bought (my local health food store) Kefir? Thanks! What do you do with all the whey that is drained off? . Or, enjoy as a snack with veggies or fruit! I have kefir going too as well as yogurt but my concern is the cream cheese and how long it will store this way? You may need to hang it for a couple of days to achieve this dryness (you can hand in the fridge so it doesn’t become too tart). No more runny yogurt! Or a couple of other times, the balls fell apart, and also had to strain the mass and eat as a spread. But I’d strain it so it is pure again. You’ll have to know the background though, because they’ll definitely ask “What’s labneh?”. Visit to find the perfect restaurant near you. (I guess I could just buy the best organic yogurt I can find, though?) …are what we eat! Tastes exactly like goats cheese – lucky for me as it’s my favourite! I then tried it a tad wetter and they all floated to the top and became a collective one lol. I just used a quart of kefir until I know if I’m going to like them. Or, in my case, I use it a little as I go. Top with more oil, if necessary – you want the balls to be completely covered with oil – and add the thyme or oregano. I loved how the Syrians roll them in different herbs, seeds and nuts, visually they look jewel-like. This hanging time means your kefir may be quite sour. It has just one more day to go. . I think herbs and garlic would be fine. Saima Khan. However, I LOVE this idea to use up extra milk and store it without refrigeration! The cheese must be VERY dry before making into balls. Eaten in Lebanon for breakfast or served as an appetizer. I have to strain the oil and just use the cheese as a spread. They keep for a few weeks, at least, under normal pantry conditions, but more likely longer. Your email address will not be published. How long is your initial ferment? Required fields are marked *. If I scoop out a few balls of cheese to have with eggs, I drizzle some of the olive oil on my eggs, too. Top this thickened, spreadable yogurt with a drizzle … And will the olive oil need to be disposed of or could I just keep adding more balls to it and strain it monthly or so? Now available to order, be the first get yourself a copy and discover the Syrian inspired dishes from the #CookForSYRIA campaign. To get thicker kefir, you can do this and let it sit out another 24 hours (in regular temps). And if so, how long will they stay good? Must be a sweet spot?? Serve with eggs or sausage at breakfast, or as a fermented side dish with sandwiches or salads at lunch, or even at dinner next to grilled meats and rice! My kids love it. We get batches every couple weeks, freeze half and thaw as needed. I have now dumped what is an absolute mess into a larger jar. We’ll use some for smoothies, some for soaking grains, and the rest for making Yogurt Cheese Balls! Homemade Labneh and Labneh balls This post is a quick, simple DIY for how to make labneh. The acidity of the kefir cheese is probably enough to keep botulism from growing- but if you are concerned- you can use dried garlic. ), Soaked Granola Recipe (raw & enzyme-rich! Then make sure the balls are very tight when you are forming. When all balls are in jar, top off with additional olive oil till balls are completely submerged. I’m Wardee Harmon, and I’m the author of the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods and the lead teacher for Traditional Cooking School’s Bible-based cooking program.