This is where you will be picking the main weapon that you will be basing your playstyle around. This weapon is incredibly powerful for any activity. Slideshot is used for the reload on classes without an auto-reload such as Hunters or Transversive Steps Warlock, and Snapshot Sights is considered best perk otherwise. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Equip armor elements corresponding to your equipped guns’ armor perks. Better yet, this weapon grows stronger the more allies use it. In PVE, Demolitionist and Osmosis open up some interesting builds, while Outlaw and Multikill Clip provide no-nonsense add clear options. Three stacks are enough to make this weapon top-tier, but going past it makes this weapon a strong contender with the Last Word. Its first major perk can be Disruption Break, providing a massive 50% debuff on an enemy for Sturm to take advantage of. Last Hope is easily the best Sidearm in Destiny 2 and, arguably, one of the best Primaries in the series. It’s a ton of fun to use in PVE, especially with builds invested in getting up close and personal. Obtained from world Legendary Engrams and Rahool, this gun can come with both Feeding Frenzy and Multikill Clip. While most of its gear is dated by today's standards, there are still a few highlights that are worth chasing. This gives you 3 ammo per green brick instead of 1. Generally used with Catapult Lift. Austringer (Menagerie) Budget Spare Rations. Effectively using a grenade launcher means learning the projectile drop and travel time of the grenades, plus learning how to lead moving targets and learning how the grenades ricochet off the walls and floors. Grenade Launchers are another love it or hate it weapon archetype. Delicious. What makes this weapon truly great is how these Gathering Light stacks can be exchanged at any time for ability regeneration. This will subconsciously train you to think about which weapon is best drawn in various scenarios and scales well into higher-level play. Read Lore "This is crazy! Those kills then fuel your next Grenade charge. This is also part of being a courteous teammate; When you have 6+ special ammo, you can leave green bricks for your teammates instead of picking up multiple bricks for yourself. Dunemarchers Increased sprint speed. It features the same frame type as Dead Man Walking and has a much better perk pool. At 12m and below, only 4 of your 10 shots need to hit for lethal. PvE players will enjoy the feel of this weapon, and PvP players will adore how forgiving this weapon can be. While this roll is incredibly rare, anyone who owns it can tell you just how insane the damage output is. Controller users can also obtain Moving Target and Tap the Trigger to make the most consistent three-round burst Sidearm in the game. Sidearms can be a Destiny 2 player's best friend — these are the best Sidearms the game has to offer. Ophidian Aspect Increases handling and reload speed for all equipped weapons. Cons: Slower optimal TtK, ... That said, The Last Hope offers perhaps the most approachable combination of perks due primarily to the fact that it’s largely ‘average’ at everything. With quickdraw, Handling is effectively maxed so Range becomes the next best Stat. Note that Slideshot does NOT perceptibly increase OHKO range on shotguns despite claiming to increase range in the perk description. artilleryTurret, are the devs aware that this is the only skill that can shoot in the spawn area (since launch) and one shot 4 players? I can heal you; that's my whole job." I feel the buff in tu 11 was unnecessary, in close combat they are 1-2 tapping. It's a nasty combination that decimates any PvE foe and can even net a few kills in the Crucible. No other Sidearm in the game can grant invisibility so reliably. That’s it for now! Last Hope (Random drop) After 2.7.0, Last Hope boasts a TTK of 0.5s and 18m damage falloff with a good roll, making it VERY solid. The normal Tkinter button does what you want just fine. For those who missed out on previous seasonal Sidearms, there is still one Sidearm left that can be obtained and that is arguably better than everything else on this list. Outlaw and either Kill Clip or Dragonfly make for a great PvE workhorse Primary, pairing well with the Surprise Attack mod from Season of Arrivals. However, certain Grenade launchers exist which detonate on impact with the ground, and these grenade launchers are much easier to use. Not Forgotten (PvP Quest) Very long PvP quest. Surrounded can roll on this weapon to provide an above-average damage bonus, but this weapon truly shines as a Champion weakener. This means high handling and Snapshot Sights. Sprinting also builds up a charge, melee an enemy for this charge to damage and chain to all nearby opponents. It chews through ammo just as much as the enemy's health, so make sure to bring Sidearm Scavenger mods before using this gun. ~11.5m OHKO range. This weapon's absurdly high aim assist stats and solid stability allow it to consistently headshot targets from close to medium range.