Color of this dosa depends on the quantity of wheat flour. Instant Dosa Recipe with Left Over Rice- Leftover rice can be bothering at times. I would like to share this recipe with you. Heat a pan/tawa and rub some oil using sliced onion. Serve hot for best taste with your favorite chutney and sambar. Heat a non stick dosa pan on medium flame and sprinkle few drops of water to it. I have added rice flour for the crispy ness like a dosa and wheat flour/atta for adding dosa like consistency. Powered by, Cooked rice - 1 cup ( leftover white rice), Semolina / upma rava/ coarse sooji - 2 tbsp, Indian Grocery list - South Indian Monthly Grocery Shopping List, what to do with leftover rice for breakfast instant, Post Comments Fold it and serve hot with chutney and sambhar. Instant and delicious "Leftover cooked rice dosas" are ready to serve with chutney or sambhar. You can call it as Pazhaya sadam dosai in Tamil. Transfer the batter to a bowl. If you like to add more wheat flour, you can add upto 1/2 cup. But it did not come out to my expectation. This recipe is so perfect when you feel like eating dosa but don’t have any dosa batter. [adinserter block=”13″] Spread a ladle of instant dosa batter. So cook it patiently. Add salt and baking soda to it. This Instant dosa recipe with leftover cooked rice is one such recipe. Make it thick like uthappam. Leftover Rice Dosa is a delicious way to use leftover rice. Mix well. If you want to make it more sour, let it sit for 30 minutes. Add some oil. Pour the dosa batter on the pan with the help of a laddle. Here is a quick sponge dosa recipe with the rice you don't want to eat and don't want to dump. Add semolina  / rava and mix well. [adinserter block=”14″] Sometimes it happens that you have guests, and your estimate hasn't worked well, resulting in leftover rice. The consistency of dosa batter should be thick but spreadable. This dosa can be prepared instantly with some 30 minutes resting time. ), Millet - Types Of Millets, Health Benefits, Glossary(Kambu, Thinai, Saamai, Varagu, Kuthiraivali, Ragi), Karthigai Deepam Pooja Procedure, Date, Recipes - How to celebrate Karthigai deepam at home, INDIAN MONTHLY GROCERY LIST FOR 2 PERSONS, 75 Kuzhambu Recipes-South Indian Kuzhambu Varieties, Biryani Spices List, Names, Pictures, Health Benefits, How To Make Soft Chapati / Super Soft Chapathi Recipe With Tips, 30 EASY DIWALI SWEETS RECIPES/INDIAN DEEPAVALI SWEETS, Birthday Party Recipes Menu Ideas – Indian Party Food Items List, South Indian Breakfast Recipes - Top 15 Tiffin Items List Of Tamilnadu, Plain Salna Recipe – Empty Tomato Salna For Parotta. The consistency of batter should be like our regular dosa batter. © 2018 Paarth Creative Horizons LLP. People often convert leftover rice into variety rice. I have heard that in hotels leftover cooked rice is used to make dosa batter. Checkout how to make instant rava dosa and instant rava idli recipes. For variations you can add finely chopped onion, green chilli, ginger, curry leaves and coriander leaves. Reproduction of the contents of this website without permission, in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. People also make instant dosa using rava or semolina. The other day I had some cooked rice leftover. Add water(if required), to maintain the consistency of the batter. Masala Open Toast | Open Toast | Vegetable Toast, Thengai Chutney | Chennai Style Coconut Chutney, Zayka Ka Tadka Diwali Special Magazine is Out – FREE Download, Zayka Ka Tadka Magazine is Out – FREE Download, [Emotional] To the Living Gods – Happy Mother’s Day, Zayka Ka Tadka Magazine’s First Issue is Out – FREE Download. Do not make it too thin or thick. Do not flip it, Fold and remove the dosa. ( Cook till the bottom of dosa turns golden brown. Healthy & Delicious Leftover Roti Pizza Snack!! Heat dosa tawa. Flip it using a spatula and cook the other side too. I am sure you all would love to make it. Serve hot for best taste. Let me know how it turned out in the comment section below. Yesterday I forgot to soak dal rice for making dosa batter but was having some leftover cooked rice, so tried making dosas out of it and it tasted awesome. People also make instant dosa or idli using rava or semolina. Similarly you can add less wheat flour too ( say 1/4 cup). Grind to a smooth paste. So this leftover rice cannot be used for making mixed rice. All Rights Reserved. This has made me trying new and new dishes at home and even during the lockdown period in india, it has proved to be the need of the hour!! When done, remove the lid and take out the dosa using the spatula. Drizzle oil around the dosa. Cover cook in medium flame till bottom turns golden. All contents are copyrighted by Chitras Food Book. very good recipe for leftover rice………..thanks for sharing this recipe. Don't know how far this is true. This recipe is so perfect when you feel like eating dosa but don’t have any dosa batter. Fold and remove in a plate. And please feel free to share. I tried making various kinds of Dosas, but one of the instant dosa I found is Leftover Rice Dosa. Transfer this paste to a bowl and add curd, salt and baking soda to it. Adjust the flame accordingly. Add cooked rice, rice flour, wheat flour/atta and curd to a mixer. Do not make it watery. Cook it covered for 2 minutes. Also let me tell you that it doesn’t tastes exactly dosa since the ingredients are not same and also it’s not fermented. Also rava idli tastes different but I personally love it in my breakfast. Atom Now spread the dosa batter on the tawa. Add the required water ( I washed the curd bowl and added that water.So water looks white). This dosa is kind of a soft dosa and is perfect for breakfast or as an after school snack for the children. Here I have used my previous day leftover rice but you can definitely make this with freshly cooked rice. She says this makes the dosa soft. In a mixie jar, take leftover cooked rice, rice flour, wheat flour, curd, salt and baking soda. So, try it out. We generally use the kerala matta (red rice). Though basic cooking started in my Mumbai days, but being in Germany for few years, I started missing all Indian food especially street food. Here I have used my previous day leftover rice but you can definitely make this with freshly cooked rice. Enjoy! But it tastes good. Am sure nobody wants to dump it. Do not flip the dosa. Did you know you can make instant dosa using leftover rice or freshly cooked rice? Transfer the batter to a bowl. Mix it well. you may use it instantly. Also This dosa takes slightly more time to cook than our regular dosa as we have added semolina/rava. You can make instant yummy dosas and also save food wastage at the same time. But there are a lot of things that can be done with leftover rice and this dosa is one such beautiful way of using up that leftover rice. In place of wheat flour you can add all purpose flour or besan (gram flour) to it. Unlike regular dosa, sponge dosa is thick and small in size. But my MIL generally adds one spoon of cooked rice while grinding dosa batter. Do not add rava while grinding. Take cooked rice, wheat flour and rice flour in a blender and make a smooth paste by adding water to it. Sprinkle some oil to the upper and corner sides of the batter. No need to keep this aside. Transfer it to a bowl. Wipe it with the help of a tissue paper. In a big sized mixie jar, take the leftover cooked rice, rice flour, wheat flour, curd, salt and baking soda.