This standing desk converter does not require any assembly. The user should alternate between sitting and standing. It’s been proven that sitting too much is bad for the health of the user. If a footrest is not available, try using a small stool or a stack of sturdy books instead. The base of this desk has specially added weight. Otherwise, something can be … The primary purpose of the people is to use the desk for correct posture. In this article, we have reviewed the best standing desk converter for short person. Steel frame 4.7 - 21.6 inches +1 (855) 421-2808. Mayo Clinic offers appointments in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota and at Mayo Clinic Health System locations. Get back on track in 5 easy steps, Fitness tip: Get physical while traveling, Leg pain after prolonged standing or sitting, Manage your health and time while balancing work demands, Sitting at your desk doesn't have to be a pain in the neck. The Rocelco 32" Height Adjustable...  is our top choice for Best Standing Desk Converter For Short Person, because of the following reasons: This Rocelco Standing Desk is the best standing desk converter for a short person as it has a quick and easy height-adjustable design. This standing desk converter does not require any assembly as it comes Pre-assembled. The monitor needs to be placed at eye level, to prevent any neck pain. Second Choice Due to its sliding design, the table does not require a wider workspace and the keyboard tray also acts as a good armrest. This desk also has a large workspace with 32 inches in length and 20.6 inches wide. Prime However, if you opt for a standing desk, or some contraption that can raise and lower your computer so you can stand or sit, ensure your alignment is good. Hold your phone in front of your face at eye level. Increase the lumbar support on your chair to a comfortable level to maintain the natural curve of your low back. 22.5 pounds Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This feature is beneficial for shorter people as they can adjust the desk’s height according to their height. Top Surface Size (LxW inches) GREAT FOR HOME OFFICES - Elevate your at-home productivity with the Vari Basic 30 standing desk riser that features a spacious two-tier design and personalized height adjustments. The area is large enough to use with a full-size keyboard. So if you have a 17-inch monitor, your face should be 17 inches from the screen. Below is a handy table that gives you the right height of a standing desk for various standard heights[2]. Top Surface Size (LxW inches) The corner of the table is round to prevent the user from being injured. Sale $159.99 Adjustable Standing Desk Converter,... It also has a triangular steel structure; the triangular base of the frame enhances the stability and balance of this table. WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK: Our product comes with a MANUFACTURER LIMITED 1 YEAR WARRANTY as well as a customer service and tech support team that is always ready to help. 2.2-16.9 inches Transitioning between sitting and standing throughout the long workday provides numerous health benefits for the body such as increased blood flow, burn calories and reduced aches and pains with our stand up desk.⌨【Exquisite Design & Large Surface】Pick the perfect size for your set up!