Showing all 40 results Trader Joe’s Whole Wheat Pizza Dough Reviews. It’s just not branded as a Trader Joe’s product. Now, Trader Joe’s has a new organic pizza crust waiting to be discovered. It’s in the freezer with the other frozen pizza items. Trader Joe's has made a name for itself over the past several decades by offering affordable food in its sizable stores across the country. Now, if I have had any complaints about Trader Joe’s pizza, it tends to be about the crust of the pizza… Rated 5.00 out of 5. It’s got more flavor and is great if you’re making a pizza with traditional pizza … I’ve tried all of these multiple times, and I recommend Garlic & Herb, hands down. There are three types of Trader Joe’s pizza dough: Regular, Wheat, and Garlic & Herb. Which dough to get. Trader Joe’s Pizza Crust Reviews Read more; Trader Joe’s Thai Style Chicken Flatbread Pizza Reviews Read more; Trader Joe’s … And while the store is known for many quirks including a bell communication system, friendly cashiers in Hawaiian shirts, and delicious snacks, perhaps one of the chain's most popular features is its sizable frozen … Home / All Products / Frozen Food / Pizza Pizza.