Yamaha TRBX174 Old Violin Sunburst Agathis Body, 4-String Electric Bass Guitar 4.7 out of 5 stars 534 $199.99 $ 199 . The foundation. The Yamaha TRBX174 provides beginners with a high-quality bass with great versatility, and Yamaha’s legendary reliability for a budget price. Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar appears to be one of the best and cost-effective variants of a classic 4-string bass guitars. Yamaha Trbx174 Electric Bass Guitar: Condition: Opened – never used. The Yamaha TRBX174 bass guitar is a perfect instrument for a beginner or a player wishing to upgrade from a beginner model. © Bestopedia 2020 The fundamental. Details about Yamaha Trbx174 Electric Bass Guitar See original listing. So, usually, a beginner guitar is usually a 4-string guitar. The company has combined modern precision engineering with manual hard … The item may include original accessories. 4 string guitars are the easiest bass guitars to play. Yamaha Guitar has a build quality that certainly makes it a good choice for both the beginners as well as the experts. It has great tonal variety and its neck is very comfortable to play. It's also a great option for experienced players in need of an inexpensive guitar for gigging and practice. It features Mahogany body with vintage-style bridge. They are also the most common type of bass guitar to play as well. Apart from that the bright sound it promises is certainly playing the key role in attracting most of the buyers. Skip to main content Skip to footer site51390232633489 site51390259843112786970 New J05929 Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar site51390232633489,site51390232633499,site51390232633509,site51390232633519 false Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar is available in 5 wood options. This is the bass you’ve been waiting for. Ended: 10 Nov, 2020 13:32:30 GMT. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yamaha TRBX174 Bass Guitar. This bass has the quality manufacturing that we have come to expect from Yamaha products. Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar - Metallic Red This is TRBX. You’re the bedrock of your music. An instrument that gives you the freedom to innovate, to create and push the boundaries. It features mahogany which helps in producing warmer as well as punchier tones. It has three main important elements making it a good choice are incredible quality and value for money, its mahogany body and vintage style bridge. It features Mahogany body with vintage-style bridge. The company has combined modern precision engineering with manual hard time-honored craftsmanship to make it among best for its build quality and bass quality. Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar appears to be one of the best and cost-effective variants of a classic 4-string bass guitars. Opened – never used: An item in excellent, new condition with no wear. This is a great looking bass that, if you didn’t know any better, could fool you into thinking it costs twice as much as it does. Developed & Maintenance by, Yamaha TRBX174 Electric Bass Guitar review, Tagg Inferno Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review – 2020, Fender Squier Bullet Fat Stratocaster 6-Strings Electric Guitar Review – 2020, Top 10 Best Headphones Under 10000Rs in India – 2020, Top 10 Best Microwave Ovens in India | Buying Guide – 2020, Top 10 Best Window AC in India | Buying Guide – 2020, Top 10 Best Chimney in India for Kitchen – 2020, Yamaha TRBX174 Guitar comes with an individual adjustable bridge system, It is available in 5 different variations and 2 string options too, It is lightweight and made from exceptional grade quality materials, The guitar features Single Coil helps in producing bright sounds, It features Incredible Quality and Value for money and is easy to use, It has Mahogany Body producing soothing sounds with Vintage Style Bridge. Testers at the Wirecutter note that the TRBX174 is “well-constructed, comfortable to play, and sounds great, at a price that’s affordable.” All four of those points help make it one of the best beginner bass guitars in the market today. Collection in person only. The Yamaha TRBX174 represents one of the best basses around for beginners. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The Agathis body with this guitar can help in producing brighter sounds. You need an instrument with the strength and power to perform. The action is very high at first and hence need a little tweak and adjustment to fulfill its requirements. It's a full-sized bass with quality components that will keep up with the pace as you get better, meaning there's no need to upgrade as you become more advanced. The link. The Ibanez GSR200 and Yamaha TRBX174 are 4-string guitars. With Yamaha’s unique combination of advanced design, precision engineering and time-honoured craftsmanship, the Yamaha Guitar Development team have created the perfect instrument for bass players who aren’t ready to compromise. And if you are going for the basswood body it will be great when you are searching for something that is light to hold. 99 Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Weathered Black (GSR200BWK) 4.2 out of … This guitar is inspired by active and passive designs.