4. The technology in computers has also evolved dramatically enhancing their processing power and capabilities. Below are examples of how computers are used … 3. Uses of Computers in Society You’d Be Amazed to Know About. Uses of Computer: A computer helps you to type a document. A computer helps you to use the internet. A computer helps you to draw a picture. You can save and edit all your photos 4. 5. The computers have many functions, but two of the most important are keeping track of business transactions and … Education The role of the personal computer in the field of education is also prominent . Computers in schools have revolutionized education by giving students and their teachers instant access to a wealth of information and resources that would not otherwise be possible. A computer helps you to watch a movie. Uses of computer in our society Computers have revolutionized our society and lives especially in the 21st century. Server - If the business uses computers, connects to the Internet, or handles e-mail and files, a server is used to help manage everything. The four functions, and processing, in particular, justified computer use in the past decades. The following article explores this topic in detail. Personal computers are used for off-line work too. Programs and software in any computer can be accessed by other computers linked … You can order things through the internet 5. Communication. A computer helps you to send e-mail. Computer networks have become invaluable to organizations as well as individuals. You can look up many kinds of information 2. However, nobody takes advantage of the technology more than E-Business and E-commerce industries. A computer helps you to listen to music. Innumerable pages can be easily filled with the many uses of computers in society, and possibly, you might still leave out some of them. As we will see, there are many uses for a mainframe computer. 2. Five uses of a computer: 1. After recording, the tracks can then be mixed and mastered, all on a personal computer. A computer helps you to play games. Some of its main uses are as follows − Information and Resource Sharing − Computer networks allow organizations having units which are placed apart from each other, to share information in a very effective manner. Since their inception several decades ago, computers have been incorporated in almost all aspects of our lives. Computers came into our lives largely because of four major functions: data gathering, processing, storage and information dissemination, which can be broken down into limitless computer uses. Today's communication around the world is almost all digital and handled by computers. 6. Music studios often use personal computers to record musical tracks. You can view movies and pictures 3. 7. 8.